Tuesday, October 23, 2012

LUXURIES: What Are Yours?

My November issue of Elle Decor arrived in the mail last week with a cover that caught my eye, dubbing this issue "The Luxury Issue".  Wondering what Elle Decor considers "luxury", I immediately opened flipping until I found the Editors letter (the only editors letter I read religiously every month), and found a very pleasing explanation of his idea of luxury.  Everyone has their own definition, but Michael Boodro, Editor in Chief of Elle Decor says "luxury has to do with comfort, and that stems from being at ease with oneself.  Luxury can be expensive, but it is not defined by wealth or how much something costs.  (And certainly spending a lot of money is no guarantee of luxury-or taste.)"  I couldn't agree more and I couldn't have said it better myself!

After reading this and scouring this excellent issue, I've been thinking a lot about what I consider luxuries in life and how I live.  Realizing that many of my luxuries are small things in my day to day, I thought I would share some with you in hopes that it may inspire you to take a moment and think about the things in your day to day life that keep you smiling and feeling happy.

First things first, I love my french press coffee in the morning!  Best way to start the day!  I grind my own beans, boil my own water and even take my sugar out of an antique crystal server.
via DesignSponge

A perfectly made bed with clean sheets!

Palmer Weiss/Traditional Home

An organized closet!  It doesn't have to be a huge closet, but having everything put away and organized makes me feel downright luxurious.

Fresh flowers and candles!

Having the pleasure of working with gorgeous velvets almost every day!

via Schumacher

I could wear point-toe stilettos and skinnies every day!  This is the outfit that makes me feel most comfortable and chic at the same time.  Comfortable + chic = Luxury 

A polish change (no, not a mani) on my nails. I love switching colors every week or so!  This week will be garnet for my Gamecocks.

And of course, a clean, neat and beautiful office! Nothing beats starting my day with that great cup of coffee and an office that is comfortable and makes me happy just to sit in it. 

So, what are your luxuries???