Monday, February 27, 2012

Sheer Genius

A favorite part of my job is the consistent exposure to what's new and fresh in the design world, and every now and then, I am introduced to a product that really sweeps me off my feet.  Consider me swept, because I just received these sheer fabric samples that are above and beyond any I have seen lately, and I am so excited to share them with you. 

Wouldn't the black and red one that resembles chopsticks be perfect for a sushi restaurant??
(Side Note: the beauty of sheers are hard to capture in a photo, especially after a 4 hour mimosa-filled brunch, but at least the lighting was good!?)

This orange is simply gorgeous!  Pictured above is Roger Thomas (designer for Wynn Las Vegas) with his design "Sheer Mandarin" in color Orange Crush for S. Harris.  It is pictured in my collection of samples above in the Toffee colorway. 

More stunning sheers in "Toffee" and "Orange Crush"!

Annette English

Hotel Vertigo San Francisco

A sheer is such a subtle window treatment, but can be dramatic depending on color and pattern.  These new sheers are breathtaking, especially when you see them in a large piece.  Which one is your favorite?

All sheers above available to-the-trade through S. Harris, or available through Vivere.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Father Knows Best

I have come down with some miserable sinus thing, which has really screwed up my week and all that I need to get accomplished.  I'm definitely not on my "A game", so this is going to be a short one, but I just had to share.

This was my Valentine's gift from my parents.  The best part about it - the gift bag!  My Dad picked it out because it was Fuchsia and he had just read my post from Monday.  Who would have thought?  Good work Dad, keeping up with the latest and greatest in design. 

Hoping to be back in the swing of things soon so I can enjoy that champagne!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Make It Fabulous With Fuchsia

I was reading my March Elle Decor last night, and squealed with delight when I came to the last page of the magazine.  See the bottom left corner.  Look familiar? 

Remember my Yves Delorme purchase from January?

Exact same hand towel!  I feel so ahead of the game! Maybe someone from Elle Decor is reading my blog?!?

Timing is everything because it seems only fitting to feature this color today, seeing as tomorrow is Valentine's Day.  A touch of Fuchsia in a room is rich, dramatic and fun!  Below, a few chic ways to use this color.


Last but not least, my sofa pillows and side chair at home, both done in a cotton velvet.


Happy Valentine's Day!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

SHINING BRIGHT: Metallics Not To Miss

Wallpaper - It's not everyone's favorite. There is always a groan at the thought or mention of taking it down.  You just spent 2 days peeling it off your walls, why would you want to put more back up that you are just going to tire of a year from now?  I feel ya! 
However, there is a time and place for everything, even wallpaper.  A foyer, bathroom, dining room, or even a closet are perfect places to make a statement with paper.  If you are going to use wallpaper, I suggest a pattern with a little metallic shine.  There are some beautiful ones to choose from, ranging from subtle to bold, and I've put together some of my favorites.  So, if you have a room that needs a dose of glamour, this is the perfect solution.

Maya Romanoff "Gilded Cloth"

Thibaut "Kirkos"

Thibaut "Novia"

Thibaut "Madrid"

Phillip Jeffries "Gold Leaf Red Grid" 

Phillip Jeffries "Rivets"

Anna French "Lavinia"

Anna French "Tyntesfield"

Wouldn't it be so fun to line a closet with one of these sparkling papers?  Basic closet turn jewel-box dressing room - love it! 

On a different metallic note, one of my favorite furniture lines, Scala Luxury, just introduced their Metallic Klismos in Brass and Polished Nickel.  How incredibly chic are these?  Totally unrelated to wall coverings, but I had to show them off! 

Monday, February 6, 2012

One Person's Trash Is Another's Treasure

My weekend began with a Friday field trip to look at some circa 1800's heart pine, salvaged from Charleston's second oldest synagogue.  A friend is renovating the historic building into apartments and giving me a great deal on the lot of heart pine for an upcoming project.  Although dirty in the picture, it is still gorgeous!  Some of those thick pieces are 8" thick by 20' long.  My imagination has been running wild with ideas!  

Below, the actual structure and the heart pine that will remain intact.

My weekend seemed to keep to a theme.  After my visit to see the wood, I attended a party Friday night in a warehouse.  This warehouse will soon be converted to The Alley, which is sure to be Charleston's best bowling alley!  A friend is opening it, and he hosted an appreciation party Friday night for friends.  A few folding tables, some tubs of beer, and a basketball goal set up in a big warehouse space made for one hell of a party!  Surely, a sign of good times to come in that place!

Coming soon to Columbus Street between King & Meeting Streets, Downtown Charleston...

Saturday night, I ended up at a new bar downtown, The Royal American, that dubs itself as a "dive" bar with cheap beer and food.  Set in an industrial feeling building, the interior design boasts layers of salvaged pieces.  If you can think of it, it was repurposed in that space.  It is obvious that thought was put into how the items were reused because it is a successful example of "dive bar chic".  Yes, I just made up that term, but it fits it perfectly!

I hope all of you had a nice weekend!