Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Need More Space?

About once a month, I have a mini nervous breakdown while standing in my kitchen.  Ridiculous, but true!  My boyfriend will confirm this, as he's usually there to witness this meltdown. (Also, I'm pretty sure he's reading this wondering why I'm sharing this with all of you)  It generally happens when both of us are in the kitchen, and the dog has decided to follow us in there and lay smack dab in the middle of our tiny kitchen.  One of us is always in the other's way, and I can never get to anything I need because we have so much stuff crammed into every drawer and cabinet.  This meltdown usually results in a thorough cleaning of the entire kitchen, or for some odd reason, the urge to buy more items for the kitchen, but nicer in quality to compensate.  Moral of this silly story: there never seems to be enough space. 

With that said, this brings me to the point of my post.  Unless you live in a sprawling compound, we all need to use the spaces in our home to their fullest potential.  I love coming across an interior that is designed creatively, taking advantage of all the usable space.  Who doesn't love seeing what would normally be an empty corner in the room turned into a usable nook?  I love a good grouping of cabinets as well! (for obvious reasons)  

I hope these pictures will inspire you to get creative and use your space to its fullest potential.

Jay Jeffers

Colleen McGill

McGill Design Group

B Moore Design

Dillon Kyle Architects


Artistic Designs for Living

Massucco Warner Miller

Observation: I seem to be drawn to litte nooks after looking over these images.  But hey, who doesn't love a cozy little nook?

Monday, September 26, 2011

Monday Morning Escape

I have a long and crazy week ahead of me, going well into this weekend that ends with my 8 hour drafting exam on Saturday.  Go figure that this morning I've already had two catastrophies with past projects, both where the client would have liked the problem solved yesterday.  Is it bad that I want a Bloody Mary at 10:00 on a Monday morning?  It's days and weeks like these that make having a quiet, calm and relaxing place to retreat so important.  I can't think of a better way to start this crazy week than by sharing some spaces that are just begging you to come relax and take a load off.  I think it's important we all have a spot where we can get away, and come Saturday night I will be hiding there, or maybe I'll be out enjoying some cocktails first!    

Steven Gambrel

Friday, September 23, 2011

Missoni On My Mind

Did everyone get to see the Missoni collection for Target?  If you didn't go the day it arrived in stores, you probably missed a good bit of it.  I went at 10:30 in the morning the first day, and items were flying off the shelves.  I found a couple items that couldn't pass up.  Here are 2 of my favorites below.  How could I not get this candle for $12.99?  That's a steal for a good candle no matter who makes it!

This is pretty much how it looked in most Target stores about a day into the collection's debut.  Talk about a success! 

With that said, I want to share another amazing, and definitely more glamorous, Missoni venture with you today.  Missoni is successfully delving into the hotel industry with Hotel Missoni.  The first one is located in Edinburgh, and the most recently complete is in Kuwait.  Rosita Missoni is the mastermind behind the interiors, providing a completely unique experience designed around a combination of the local aesthetic and the Missoni look.  Hotel Missoni Kuwait faces the Arabian Gulf with spectacular views.  Patterns in this hotel are inspired by the traditional souks and markets and their spices. 

Bravo to Rosita Missoni for successfully integrating a name known for its beautiful clothing with thoughtful and unique hotel interiors.  What's next for Hotel Missoni?  They are currently working on a hotel in Oman.  And if Rosita has her way, they will be expanding to the Gulf of Salvador and Turkey.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011


As most of you probably know, I have a very sweet and loving Greyhound named Meeka.  I am not one of those people that obsess over my dog, but I would be lying if I said that she isn't one of the best parts of my life, and there is nothing I love more than coming home to be greeted by this silly and lanky dog.  I can easily say she makes our house a home.


Just a brief history of the Greyhound: they are the oldest species of dog, originating in Ancient Egypt.  They were brought over to the United Kingdom for hunting purposes among royalty.  In Egypt and the UK, they were only owned by royalty, and when you look at paintings from this period, it is always a Greyhound-type dog by the man's side. 

I know you are wondering what in the world my Greyhound has to do with interior design, but I was recently looking for a bed for Meeka, and came across a room I loved with, you guessed it, a Greyhound, being used in a very chic way.  It got me thinking.  I wonder how many interiors are designed using Greyhounds and what kind of tasteful Greyhound products are out there?  I am pleased with what I found. 

Jonathan Adler

Not sure about this lamp...

How interesting is this Greyhound on the table???

Greyhound Toile by ArtbyJaneWalker, spoonflower

Sweet little pillow!

Jonathan Adler's Greyhound statues on the chest below

Jonathan Adler Greyhounds again, this time in a space designed by Adler

From Schumacher, this was adapted from a 1950's hand print

So what do you think?  Would you consider adding a Greyhound onto your list of chic things for your home?

Monday, September 19, 2011

Monday Morning Mix

I can't believe it is already the third week in September.  A hint of cooler weather over the weekend was nice, and I am now ready for Fall.  Is it too early for a Pumpkin Spice Latte from Starbucks because I really wanted one this morning!  Actually, does anyone know if they are even serving them yet or is September too early?  As you have probably seen, bright colors are huge this season.  I'm loving the greens, blues, purples, and surprisingly, the reds.  My fondness for this season's colors is very evident in this morning's mix.  Your closet shouldn't be the only place where you incorporate these wonderful colors. 

Try painting an old piece a rich color, or switch out your current pillows for some bolder colors to carry you through the season.  These are some good alternatives to painting a room.  Not only would some of these bright colors be too much for your walls, but painting one piece and switching out pillows is much easier!

Loving these colors below!  How great do they look as accent colors?
little green notebook

Try switching out your bedding, which most of us do when the temperature changes anyway. 
Mariana Bedding by Ann Gish

Jonathan Adler for HSN

Martyn Lawrence-Bullard

Mary McDonald

Completely off topic from this season's bold colors, I had to share this idea for a possible mini project this week or coming weekend. Who doesn't want a chic looking bulletin board like this?  This would be so easy, and is a great way to organize and refresh your current work space at home.  All you need is a simple fabric and good nailheads.  (refer back to my July 8th post for info on nailheads) 
Courtney Hills Interiors

Hope you have a great Monday!