Option 1: Design Advice, Consultation, or A la Carte Service

Via phone, email, or in person depending on location, I will provide a particular design service based upon the client's needs.

A la Carte Services are, but not limited to...
  • Sourcing product - to-the-trade items or a more readily available substitute
  • Consulting on colors, window treatments, fabric, flooring, furnishings, or space planning
  • Styling or staging a space
Option 2: Full-Service Interior Design

Full service interior design of a residential space, an entire home, or a commercial space.  Commercial spaces include corporate, hospitality, resort, retail, or food and beverage. 
I offer full service design for one room in your home or the entire residence. 


Option 1 is billed at an hourly rate. 

Option 2 is billed at an hourly rate or a set fee depending upon the size of the project.

Travel time will be billed at the half-time rate.


To inquire further, please email me at