Monday, May 14, 2012


I launched this blog on July 4th, 2011, and here I sit, just shy of a year, writing my 100th post!  I sort of feel as though I should be over 100 posts by now, but way more time than I ever expected goes into writing one of these things.  No matter how many or few I create or however long it takes me, I love writing them, and even more, I have loved everyone's feedback, comments and support.  I hope you enjoy perusing them as much as I enjoy writing them!
With that said, there are certain design concepts, colors, fabrics, images, etc... that inspire me.  Though these inspirations are ever evolving, there are quite a few from these past 100 posts that still catch my eye. Maybe you will remember some of the photos below.  Other images are places and items from my everyday life and travels and a mix of other pictures, all of which inspire my designs. 

Functional small spaces

Cozy outdoor spaces! (Courtesy of M Elle Designs)

Gator Walls!

Viceroy Anguilla

Caulfield's Beverly Hills

The mini bar and chic cocktail table at The Chamberlain West Hollywood

Bunker Club NYC

Ikat Collection for New Ravenna Mosaics

Schumacher Chroma Collection

Parker Palm Springs Spa

NYC Skyline

Urban Electric Co. Showroom in Charleston, SC

Greenwich Hotel Bathroom

Drinks in The Florida Room at The Delano in Miami

    Bar Cesar at Hotel de Crillon in Paris (Dad & I spent our last night in Paris perched on those 2 middle barstools).

These are a handful of the wonderful inspirations that influence my designs.  What inspires you? 
(Seriously do tell, so I have to something to ramble about for the next 100 posts :-)

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  1. Hi Vivere, love your blog, and particularly these inspirational shots (where does the kitchen image come from)! As to what inspires me, I guess I would say the work of really talented designers - when I see something that makes me think 'Wow!', it inspires me to do great work too. SGHx