Tuesday, August 14, 2012

ART: It's Personal

On a recent quest to find just the right piece of artwork for a space, I found myself pulled in numerous directions about what style of art to use.  I agree with those who believe a work of art should not be bought just to fill an empty space on the wall. The style of the art should fit with the character or enhance the space.  For some, it's a way to show status or wealth. Others use it as an outlet to express themselves.  But above all, it should be something you love.  I tend to lean towards more modern or abstract art, but then again I love a beautiful, classic framed painting.  I guess you could say my broad taste in art expresses my openness to several styles.  I find it intriguing researching how people use art in a space, and I say that after hours scouring magazines and the internet.  Below, are my top picks exemplifying how art compliments, enhances, and adds the important layer of character to a room.  As for that previously mentioned piece of art I am looking for, the search continues! 

Phoebe Howard

The unique piece below is this formal room's "wild side".

Your selection doesn't have to be flat.  Three-dimensional sculpture packs a major punch!
Redmond Aldrich Design

Supersize it!
I've always loved the look of hanging frames over full bookshelves.
Elle Decor

A sultry dark wall is a dramatic way to make a colorfol piece of art pop.
Kishani Perera

Use art to create symmetry in the space.
Traditional Home

Give the room an edge with a bold statement piece.

Combine the pieces you love and create an eclectic grouping.
A collection of prints is pleasing to the eye and something you can continue to add to.

Don't be afraid to hang or buy the art you love for fear that it won't fit in the space.  It may just be that it needs a different frame or mat, or maybe, lose that old frame and mat altogether. 

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