Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Festival of Wreaths

The Holidays sneak up on me every year.  November seemed to fly by and here we are, the day before Thanksgiving!  This month evidently flew so quickly for me that I forgot my obligation to make a wreath for this year's Festival of Wreaths at the Charleston Place hotel.  Each year a handful of local Charleston designers put their talented design efforts into making a wreath for the annual Festival of Wreaths, which are then auctioned off at the cocktail party.  However, they are due in November so each one can hang on a door of one of The Shops at Charleston Place to be on display for a couple weeks.  I completely forgot that they were due last week, and now I have to create some wondrous masterpiece of a wreath ASAP.  So yesterday I thought I would go take a sneak peek at the other wreaths that are now hanging.  My aplogies to the lonely store that doesn't have their wreath on Black Friday because of me!  I didn't get photos of every one, but I got shots of quite a few and they are all super original and amazing!  It's interesting to see each designer's style present in their wreath.  Oh, and the other part about the wreaths in this festival is it has to have a theme, whatever you like, but it has to have a theme and a title to go along.

Look at the gorgeous detail of how this wreath hangs!

Now the hard part - figuring out the design for my wreath.  I have my work cut out for me over Thanksgiving!  Stay tuned for photos of mine.  I will post as soon as I finish.

Also, if any of you are interested in attending this fabulous holiday cocktail party and auction, here is the link for info and tickets.

And lastly, I hope all of you have a wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday, and hopefully these fabulous wreaths were a nice little dose of Holiday spirit for you.  I always need something like this to jumpstart the Holidays for me, which is why I enjoy designing a wreath for this event (that is, if I can remember). 

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