Tuesday, December 20, 2011


Am I mistaken, or isn't this week supposed to be layed back with everyone just kind of breezing through the week and gearing up for Christmas?  I was really looking forward to immersing myself in the holiday season this week in anticipation of this weekend, my favorite holiday of the year.  Instead, I have been slammed with work, which isn't something I should really complain about.  But, is it necessary that I have to take a day long computer training class the Wednesday before Christmas?  Couldn't learning the latest computer program for drawing in 3-D wait until the first of the year?  Pretty sure I'm just going to forget it all over the holidays anyway. I wish I could ditch all my obligations, cozy up with something yummy to drink and watch a Christmas movie.  

Are any of you off for the Holidays yet?  If so, or if you are like me and just wishing you were, check out these warm and cozy living rooms.   

Jonathan Adler

Campion Platt

Mary McGee


Aerin Lauder's Home

SR Gambrel

courtesy of Vogue

What do you think?  Ready for that holiday cocktail by the fire now? 

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