Thursday, December 8, 2011

Where Is The Love?

I was in Columbia for work earlier this week when I decided to pop into the interiors store, MACK Home. Two designers opened it a couple years ago, and it is a chic space unlike any other in the area. Their talent and beautiful design work is evident throughout. The store didn't disappoint during this visit as you will see in these pictures, but their, shall we say "Christmas spirit", did.
Thus far, I have been fortunate through my travels and career opportunities to visit and work with some world class stores. I've been in places where I couldn't even afford a hand towel, but was still welcomed with open arms. Who would've thought in my hometown I would receive such a cold welcome, especially this time of year.  Maybe I was looking fabulously young and broke that day?  Whatever the reason, I wouldn't normally be so vocal about this or even bother to write about it, but as a designer, our clients and customers are number one and they should be treated that way. 
Good design is also very important, so I do want to share these beautiful pictures with you, because you have to give it to them - they do some great work! 
Now that I've vented, enjoy!  I must have that gold table below!

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