Monday, February 27, 2012

Sheer Genius

A favorite part of my job is the consistent exposure to what's new and fresh in the design world, and every now and then, I am introduced to a product that really sweeps me off my feet.  Consider me swept, because I just received these sheer fabric samples that are above and beyond any I have seen lately, and I am so excited to share them with you. 

Wouldn't the black and red one that resembles chopsticks be perfect for a sushi restaurant??
(Side Note: the beauty of sheers are hard to capture in a photo, especially after a 4 hour mimosa-filled brunch, but at least the lighting was good!?)

This orange is simply gorgeous!  Pictured above is Roger Thomas (designer for Wynn Las Vegas) with his design "Sheer Mandarin" in color Orange Crush for S. Harris.  It is pictured in my collection of samples above in the Toffee colorway. 

More stunning sheers in "Toffee" and "Orange Crush"!

Annette English

Hotel Vertigo San Francisco

A sheer is such a subtle window treatment, but can be dramatic depending on color and pattern.  These new sheers are breathtaking, especially when you see them in a large piece.  Which one is your favorite?

All sheers above available to-the-trade through S. Harris, or available through Vivere.

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