Monday, February 13, 2012

Make It Fabulous With Fuchsia

I was reading my March Elle Decor last night, and squealed with delight when I came to the last page of the magazine.  See the bottom left corner.  Look familiar? 

Remember my Yves Delorme purchase from January?

Exact same hand towel!  I feel so ahead of the game! Maybe someone from Elle Decor is reading my blog?!?

Timing is everything because it seems only fitting to feature this color today, seeing as tomorrow is Valentine's Day.  A touch of Fuchsia in a room is rich, dramatic and fun!  Below, a few chic ways to use this color.


Last but not least, my sofa pillows and side chair at home, both done in a cotton velvet.


Happy Valentine's Day!


  1. Could you tell me where you bought the fuchsia pillow? Thanks!!

    1. Hi Lauren, I actually made the fuschia pillow in the last image. If you are interested in getting one (or a set), feel free to email me directly at