Wednesday, June 6, 2012

THIS WEEK: Fabulous Furniture

It's been a super busy week.  I attempted to sit down and write this post on Monday, and then again yesterday, but things kept coming up, one being an opportunity to design a shoe store on King Street.  That would be a great project for sure!  All fingers crossed!  I have so many fun projects as of late that I want to share on here, but I have barely had time to properly photograph them, including my new home.  Actually, still trying to get it finished.  For instance, our new coffee table is sitting on a freight truck in some other state yet to be delivered.  The table I'm having made for our kitchen is still "under construction", and I can't seem to find a time to sit down and finish window treatments or the pillows for the bed.  BUT, here is a sneak peek of the new coffee table that I am so excited about.

While I'm on the subject of furniture, I went to the local Knoll showroom yesterday to select some pieces for a project.  If you aren't familiar with Knoll, it is a phenomenal furniture company that produces all the great classic pieces.  These pieces are truly museum quality, and any of us would be so lucky to own just one.  You probably are most familiar with the Barcelona chair, pictured below.  It was designed by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe in 1929.  Such a gorgeous chair!


Now, back to my story.  So I get to the showroom and find that my fabulous Knoll rep had so perfectly set up our meeting space.  If only every meeting was like this with fresh cut flowers and Starburst jelly beans (my favorite), all laid out on a beautiful Knoll marble top table!

Also, so chicly on display next to us was an original Saarinen Tulip table with 2 Bertoia side chairs. Love!  These are the real deal too, no imitations here folks!

How great is the fabric on those seat cushions?

Once you see this table in person, it's hard to be okay with purchasing the Ikea knockoff.  Just not the same!  Anyway, I hope your week is turning out to be just as good and successful as mine is turning out to be, despite the two feet of water outside my back door.

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