Sunday, July 31, 2011

Conquer your Closet: Before and After

Well, my "One Busy Weekend" from last weekend finally caught up with me, and I came down with an irritating respiratory infection.  Attempting to recover, I spent this weekend laying low at home.  I was honestly kind of glad to be in the house, because every year about this time I like to do a bi-annual cleaning of the closet.  I usually do this in August, but Monday is August 1st, so why not!  Fall lines are about to hit the stores and the magazines are reporting what we should be wearing in the upcoming season.  I like to clear out the closet in anticipation of new pieces and use that time to organize what I'm keeping.  Before cleaning out my closet this weekend, I looked for inspiration and ideas to get me going.  I found some amazing examples.  Even if some of these closets are not a reality for you, they show some great ideas for organization.  I think it's safe to say that most of us suffer from a lackluster closet at times. Hopefully, these will motivate you if your closet is in need of a pick me up. 

Blair Waldor's closet in Gossip Girl, courtesy of CWTV
courtesy of Pinterest

Ralph Lauren's closet at his home on Long Island
Real Housewife of Beverly Hills' Lisa Vanderpump's dressing room

courtesy of Melanie Fascitelli

courtesy of Annie Schlecter Photgraphy

courtesy of

If any of you were wondering how my closet turned out, I took some before and after shots.  It's not perfect, but it's a vast improvement from before.



I think the lamp and rug helped transform the space.  I can actually walk into the closet now!  I filled one bag to give to Goodwill, and my shoes are now organized across the top shelves and off the floor.  There is one small detail that I think makes a huge difference, and that is matching hangers.  I love my Joy Mangano black hangers.  The boyfriend gave me an entire set for my birthday last year.  Best gift ever!  

What are your clever closet design ideas or organizational tips?

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  1. These closets are just amazing! I definitely love the space of Ralph Lauren. I love how it really looks and the mirrors make the room look so long. I also like the combination of the chocolate brown and the emerald green. Thank you for sharing because these are such an inspiration. Anyway, you did amazing with your closet.