Friday, July 15, 2011

HERMÈS - Need I Say More?

As we all know, Hermès is the ultimate in timeless luxury goods. We all have that one incredible Hermès piece we covet, or if you are lucky enough, a piece that you cherish. Myself, I have been searching for one of their vintage men's watches for years, but have had little success. (Suggestions are always appreciated) With that said, I recently discovered a new collection from the iconic fashion house that is worth mentioning. It is so unique and fresh, and such a different route for Hermès. The line, "Petit h", is a collection of "unidentified poetic objects" created from defective inventory and workroom remants. Call it fashionably sustainable, if you will. So, without further ado, here's a sneak peak at the collection.

The iconic silk scarf is now a necklace.

Stirrups become a swing. That is one lucky kid!

From Birkin remnants to a life-size fawn.

A piece of broken china is made into a pendant.

An irregular bag handle makes a perfect handle for a votive holder.

Seriously, this piece is a knock out! You know their spectacular beach towels? Look what happens when applied to the drawer fronts of a chest and trunk handles are added.

Petit h debuts in the United States in October.

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