Monday, July 18, 2011

West Village Vibe: Southern Roots meet New York Chic in this bright, airy space

I recently had the pleasure of helping a client with her new place in the West Village. Upon moving to New York, she found this Greenwich Street jewel, so there was no furniture from a previous residence to work around. It was great to work off of a completely clean slate and help her find exactly what she wanted. The pieces selected are all items that she can build off of in the future and add to like a collection. The place is fairly urban and we were not allowed to paint, so we worked with fresh white walls. The painted exposed brick adds to the urban downtown look. We wanted to play that up by creating a loft-like minimal feel with windows exposed. Also, it was hard to do floor length window treatments because of radiators under the windows. While creating an urban feel, the goal was to also incorporate her southern background and love for glamorous pieces into the design. The outcome: An open, light-filled space with plush, luxurious pieces and a great base to continue adding one-of-a-kind items as her life continues in New York.
Luxe velvet and Mohair upholstery warm the space, especially in those chilly winter months. The client wanted an extra comfortable sofa to lounge on, so we chose thick, rich Mohair for the most plush feel. It's hard to tell from the image, but the sofa is extra long, perfect for stretching out. The TV was mounted on the wall opposite the sofa.

A pair of Audubon prints and a map of Coastal South Carolina were important Southern touches the client wanted in the space. Another coastal map rests in the window of the previous image. The great thing about these white walls - she has plenty of space to add more prints that remind her of home and create a beautiful grouping.

A pair of these chairs are perfect side chairs, but also work to easily pull up to a table for dining.  All of the pieces in the living area needed to be mult-functional to work within the space. 

This little bedroom is so chic! You just want to curl up in that bed. My client wanted a bed that was glamorous and sleep-inducing. Notice, even this upholstery has a lush velvet pattern to add softness. The sleek table and lamp and cowhide rug add the urban touch.

Throughout the design process, the client stressed quality not quantity, and I couldn't agree more.  It is smart to begin with select quality pieces and add to those over time, instead of choosing average items to complete the space in a certain time frame.   

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