Monday, January 23, 2012

My Weekend Finds

One of my numerous errands on Saturday was a trip to this cute little pet store to get dog food.  This "cute little pet store" is the only place in Charleston that carries the special food my dog has to eat because of her allergies.  Let's just say I forgo some nice dinners out so she can have nice dinners twice a day. 
With the fifteen pound bag of dog food on my hip, I decided to quickly pop into a shop a couple doors down that simply says "Antiques" above the storefront.  I ended up spending about an hour in there because I couldn't stop taking photos of all the amazing pieces I found.  Everytime I go into a shop like this it makes me want to go buy a piece of old furniture and fix it up.  These type shops are great inspiration to get creative, restore and reuse. 

They had a pair of Greyhound pillows!

Amazing headboards!!!

Who can resist a good barcart?
(Although I did hear another customer ridiculing it!  To each their own I guess!)

  Shopping these places is a great way to find unique pieces for your rooms, just beware of the junk!  If you have a room that is feeling too generic or looks like it came straight from a catalog, pieces similar to what I found are just what you need. 


  1. what is the address of the 'antiques' store? would love to visit

    1. The address is 22 Windermere Blvd in the Windermere shopping center off Folly Road. Have fun! Lots of goodies there!

    2. thought that was it....looked like the shop from the images -- just wanted to make sure I wasn't missing one on my list! thnx