Sunday, January 8, 2012

This Past Weekend

A good friend who lives in New York, actually the one who just got engaged in Colorado, was in South Carolina this past weekend.  Returning from Washington DC, I made a quick overnight stop in Columbia before heading back to Charleston, so I could see her and do a little celebrating.  I met her and her wonderful husband-to-be at her Mom's house.  I've been over there numerous times before, but she had made some small changes to her living room and it was just beautiful. 
You might have picked up from some of my past posts that I love a cozy spot by the fire.  A key to good living room design: it should be warm, comfortable and inviting.  I think you will agree with me that this space has that perfect balance, and is a wonderful example that a comfortable living space can still be elegant. 

Good wine and some cheeses, a warm fire and good conversation made for a wonderful night!  Can you make out the two little birds in the center of the beautifully ornate fireplace screen below?  The gold screen and the black marble compliment eachother perfectly.

I just love this chair, ottoman, lamp combination below!  It is such a striking, yet simple arrangement.  I love its understated elegance. It can be tricky to find a nice floor lamp too, and I think this one is so chic. 

The mix of formal and casual elements in this space is wonderful. Don't be afraid to mix the two.
Somehow, not one of the 4 dogs got in these pictures.  They fully enjoy this space too, and don't think they stay off the furniture, because they are the ones that lounge on it the most. 
Cheers to good design and wonderful friends!

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