Thursday, March 1, 2012

Excited About: MARCH

How is everyone's week going?  I can't believe it's the first of March.  It is officially my birth month and this year I will be 30.  Yikes!  Been dreading this one for awhile, but oddly enough, I'm fine with it.  I think it's because I have so many exciting changes going on in my career and life at this point, some good, some bad, and all of them great learning experiences.  Perfect example: My house has been on the market for about a month now, and have only had one showing scheduled.  As for that one showing that was scheduled, the person didn't show!  I dont know how realtors do it.  Also, I don't know what I was thinking.  I really thought that I would have shown my house repeatedly at this point, had an offer, and would be closing next month.  Dream on, right!?  I know most of you saw my kitchen a few posts back, so why not go for a litte shameless self-promotion and show you the exterior of this home.  Aren't you curious anyway? (By the way, this is my house in Columbia, not Charleston)

Despite my reality check listing this house, we have just started looking for a new home in Charleston.  Very excited about that!  Will keep you posted.  

Just selected fabrics this week for a wedding I am doing this spring.  Don't you love the color combination?  The Bride has excellent taste!!  Will be making pillows and slipcovers this weekend, which will be part of the reception design.  For those of you who know me, you are probably laughing at the thought of me using a sewing machine, but I think I have it under control.  And yes, this means I will be spending the majority of the first weekend of my birthmonth sitting in front of a sewing machine.  Way to live it up for the last month of my 20's! 

And as a little birthday present to myself, I just commissioned a friend and talented woodworker to make a dining room table with beautiful reclaimed heart pine.  This is the design for the table.  Ignore the multi-color wood.  It will be a beautiful warm reddish brown.  I'm so excited to find some chic chairs to pair with it! 

Happy birth month to all the other March babies! Cheers!

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