Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Need More Space?

About once a month, I have a mini nervous breakdown while standing in my kitchen.  Ridiculous, but true!  My boyfriend will confirm this, as he's usually there to witness this meltdown. (Also, I'm pretty sure he's reading this wondering why I'm sharing this with all of you)  It generally happens when both of us are in the kitchen, and the dog has decided to follow us in there and lay smack dab in the middle of our tiny kitchen.  One of us is always in the other's way, and I can never get to anything I need because we have so much stuff crammed into every drawer and cabinet.  This meltdown usually results in a thorough cleaning of the entire kitchen, or for some odd reason, the urge to buy more items for the kitchen, but nicer in quality to compensate.  Moral of this silly story: there never seems to be enough space. 

With that said, this brings me to the point of my post.  Unless you live in a sprawling compound, we all need to use the spaces in our home to their fullest potential.  I love coming across an interior that is designed creatively, taking advantage of all the usable space.  Who doesn't love seeing what would normally be an empty corner in the room turned into a usable nook?  I love a good grouping of cabinets as well! (for obvious reasons)  

I hope these pictures will inspire you to get creative and use your space to its fullest potential.

Jay Jeffers

Colleen McGill

McGill Design Group

B Moore Design

Dillon Kyle Architects


Artistic Designs for Living

Massucco Warner Miller

Observation: I seem to be drawn to litte nooks after looking over these images.  But hey, who doesn't love a cozy little nook?

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