Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Another Look at Lacquer

I've had some reservations about doing a post on lacquer, as I've seen a lot of other bloggers do this same post.  It's not a bad thing necessarily, because who doesn't love the sheen of a beautiful coat of lacquer?  It can make an average room glamorous, or add that much needed flair to a tired space.  With that said, I want to take the typical lacquer post a step further.  I not only want to share with you some beautiful interiors using this finish, but I want to focus on Mid-Century lacquer pieces.  Antique lacquer furniture and accessories are where it's at for me, and if I could afford to, I would fill my entire house with them!  

This first piece is outrageous!  It's like a piece of great jewelry!  From David Bell Antiques in Washington, DC, this is the Emerald Goatskin Console Table After Karl Springer.  It is from the 1970's, and has an emerald lacquer top with Goatskin on the underside over wood.

                                           Excellent use of lacquer in a space!

A pair of Mid-Century Modern cabinets from Lerebours Antiques in New York, NY

I love a dark lacquered wall!

This is such a fresh looking space.

Oh, what I wouldn't do for this lamp!  This vintage green lacquer lamp has a chrome and brass base.  It is French from the 1970's, signed by Jean Claude Mahey.  It is available through Flair Home Collection in New York. 

Beautiful pair of Hollywod Regency black lacquer armchairs, circa 1960.  Available for $3,500 through Pegaso Gallery Design on Melrose in Los Angeles.
As I said, I would love to fill my house with antique lacquer pieces, but my current budget doesn't really allow me to go buy $10,000 pieces.  So, I'm going to refinish a piece I already have at home with this lacquer paint below.  Have any of you tried this one?  Going to do a before and after of it (as soon as I can find a free day to refinish it), so will let you know if this paint can really deliver. 

Have any of you tried this paint???

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