Friday, October 28, 2011


It's Halloween weekend!  I love this weekend, and I love a good costume party.  Unfortunately, my costume planning fell to the wayside this year, so I'm working on a last minute costume today.  Any ideas?  Boyfriend suggested we dress up as Dominique Strauss-Kahn and the maid.  Ummm, no thank you.  I will not be wearing a maid's uniform as my costume of choice.  I would rather go with the sushi roll idea I found yesterday, which was actually pretty interesting!  Anyway, along with fun parties and creative costumes, I love Halloween decor!  If you aren't into the costume thing, maybe you would be more interested in dressing up your home.  Some of these ideas look tempting to recreate. 

Good Housekeeping

Love the idea of these dust jackets for your everyday books! - SouthHouseBoutique

Martha Stewart Living

Would love to see pictures if you did any fun Halloween decorating!  I hope everyone has a fun and safe Halloween weekend!

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