Monday, October 24, 2011

This Weekend In Chapel Hill

I was in Chapel Hill, NC this weekend for my boyfriend's brother's wedding.  We couldn't have had a better weekend!  The weather was amazing, the food was delicious, and everyone had so much fun.  The weekend flew by and I tried to get some good pictures to document, but I always forget about the camera.  I didn't take one picture of the two of us or anyone else the entire time.  Sad.  I have got to get better about taking pictures because I always wish I had afterwards. 

For those of you familiar with the Chapel Hill nightlife "scene", you may have been to the place pictured below.  We ended up here Friday and Saturday night.  Such a fun spot! 

Really liked The Crunkleton's green stained concrete bathroom counters!  Also loved that they had Meyer's Geranium scented soap.  One of my faves!

Our hotel room was pretty colorful.  The headboard was a faux cork.  I like the simple reading lights mounted to the bed.  Can you get a feel for the bold color choices?

Creative striping on the shades caught my eye.  Such an easy way to add interest to plain blackout shades. 

The hotel bar (below) that we frequented a little too often.  Once again, super colorful!  I borrowed this picture from Flickr.  I don't think my camera even made it out with me to this bar.

I wish I could show more pictures of the actual wedding and reception, but like I said, when I am socializing and having fun, I forget about the camera.  I did get one shot of the Chapel Hill Country Club's restroom.  I fell in love with the wallcovering that was a soft Tarheel blue and pale gold combination.  Also loved the sconces!

It was a great weekend with the boyfriend's fam.  The bride's family was wonderful too!  I wish I had a recording of the boyfriend's best man speech to his brother.  Hilarious!  Hopefully, someone got it on video.  Hope all of you had a great weekend too!

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