Friday, August 5, 2011

Coastal Talent: Keels Culberson Swinnie

In college, I had several good friends who studied interior design with me.  We had all the same classes, we did our design projects together, and we were almost always together on the weekends or when we went out.  These are all great friends, and it's been so interesting to see where our design backgrounds has lead each of us.  One of those friends, Keels, was always painting amazing works of art.  A family home in Costa Rica served as inspiration for a lot of her pieces.  Her use of colors and techniques were, and still are, out of this world.  I knew those paintings done in between classes would become something bigger.  When we graduated, we split off into our various career paths in design.  Keels moved back home to Pawley's Island, SC, and had immediate success with her art.  She helped launch Ebb & Flow Art Co-op, first displaying her pieces there.  Before long, her work was known by most everyone in the area.  Over the years, she has married, moved to Georgetown, SC, and her passion for painting has found its way onto all types of furniture.  She is doing amazing things with salvaged doors, using them as headboards and tables.  Her pet portraits are incredible, and her children's furniture is so fun!  I would love to design a beach house with her pieces. 
On a side note, I wish I surfed, because Keels' Dad has been known to handcraft some awesome surfboards.  Artistic talent obviously runs in the family!




I love her pet portraits!


I've always loved this painting below of Teak and Billy, Keels' dog and goat.

How cute is this high chair?

To see more of Keels' work or get more information, you can go to her website

Or contact me or Keels Culberson Swinnie directly.
Keels email:
Keels' phone: 843-446-7076

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