Monday, August 15, 2011

Monday Morning Mix

How is everyone doing this Monday morning? I'm having a little trouble getting motivated. Maybe, if I worked in an office like this, it would be easier.  I wish my fabrics, samples and catalogs were organized in boxes and on shelves like this space.  Instead, my samples end up in stacks everywhere.  I will blame it on my lack of shelving.  Aside from that, I might have to invest in some orange boxes now! 

Moving on, here is this morning's mix...

With Fall's cooler temps around the corner(hopefully), add some life to your porch, deck, or patio, in anticipation of nice Autumn days.  Everyone knows the trend is to make your outdoor area an extension of your home.  I like the idea of adding fun colors that won't always work inside.  Your outdoor space is the perfect spot to incorporate those fun colors or accessories you have had your eye on, but have been unsure about using. 

Paint an old mirror a pretty new color.

Download the Kravet app for your iPhone or iPad (it's free), and enjoy having their fabrics, furniture, wall coverings, etc... all at your fingertips.  I love this app!

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