Sunday, August 21, 2011


This weekend was fairly low-key, as I'm now spending most of my time on the weekends studying for the final part of my interior design exam.  Two years ago, I took the first 2 parts, and studying for that just about did me in.  So, sitting down to study for the first time this weekend was a little daunting, and brought back some not so fond memories from August/September '09.  The evening of Saturday October 1st can't come soon enough, as I will have just finished the 8 hour exam, and will be a free woman again.  Woohoo! 
I still had an enjoyable weekend though.  The boyfriend's parents were in town from Raleigh, so we ate dinner at the fairly new Osteria la Bottiglia on Upper King Street.  The food was delicious, authentic Italian.  The interiors were rustic, dark, and very cozy.  I took a few shots to share with all of you.  It was incredibly dark, so hard to capture in a picture.  The wood ceilings were beautiful! 

I was also pleased to get these red jeans in the mail that I ordered.  I realize I am not a fashion blogger and this seems irreleavant to design, but I'm excited about these red jeans for Fall.  I don't ever wear red, but that will soon change.

New Red Jeans!

Thinking about my lack of red clothing, I realized I only have one thing in my entire home that is red, and it barely even counts.  It is a pair of red monogrammed Leontine Linen hand towels.

The only red at home!

I then realized I rarely use red in any of my designs (I always go for a hot pink instead), which made me think: How do people like to use red, and are there any particular looks that I am drawn to?  Surprisingly enough, I found several red items and spaces that I love! 

courtesy of

Mandala room screen by Arteriors Home
designed by Mary McDonald

What are your thoughts on red?  

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