Wednesday, August 10, 2011

COCKTAIL TIME: Ways to Create the Perfect Bar At Home

One of my favorite spots in a house is the bar.  No, not because it involves a glass of champagne or a cocktail, but because I have a weakness for an orderly, colorful, sparkling display.  It doesn't hurt that it usually includes a tasty beverage though! My obsession with a chic bar set-up comes from a love of seeing decanters, glasses, wine bottles, tea, coffee, colorful liquor bottles, the list goes on, displayed in a pleasing arrangement.  Flowers, lamps, snacks, or small accessories make it even more appealing. You dont need an actual bar, although a well-designed wet bar is fabulous. Some of my favorite bars are created using tables, chests, or other furniture. I love these set-ups so much, I actually have 2 in my home.  I have a vintage Regency tray table that was my Grandmother's, and I have a console table set up closer to the kitchen.  Truly, it's one of my favorite parts of a home!  Although small, it can become such a fun focal point if you style it right. Try these colorful and creative ways to set up your own bar.  I would love to try ideas from all of these.

Don't miss a quick shot of mine at the end. Also, would love to see pics if you have any chic entertaining spots you have created!

Love how the ping pong paddles and balls are kept on the bar cart!

courtesy of DesignManifest

Love this new tray table at Candelabra in Mt. Pleasant, SC!  Great price too!

courtesy of littlegreennotebook

courtesy of mylittleapartment

This was done with a shelf from Ikea.

Below, is the tray table that was my Grandmother's.  It's one of my favorite pieces at home.  I have it set up very simply right now.  The green ice bucket, which is another vintage piece, was given to me by a friend after she used it on the set of one of her films.  The decanter belonged to my other Grandmother, and the lamp is a vintage find of mine that is part of a set. 

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