Monday, August 22, 2011

Monday Morning Mix

If you are anything like me, you rushed out of your house this morning eating a quick breakfast, or ate in the car as I did, and headed off to work.  It's so hard to make extra time in the morning, but wouldn't it be nice to sit down, enjoy your coffee, and take some time for yourself in the morning?  Recently, I have been working on a client's breakfast nook, and it's made me think about having a nice little space to do just that in the morning.  Try creating a spot like this in your home.  It doesn't have to be much, just a comfortable place to sit with room to set your coffee or breakfast down.  Images of my client's space coming soon.  In the mean time, take a look at these images for some inspiration.

courtesy of Pinterest

courtesy of Caldwell Flake
 designed by Victoria Hagan

I know I posted on closets not too long ago, but this is a simple little project that would make such an impact.  I just love this idea!  Try covering your closet doors with a beautiful fabric.  Your closet doors will look like a more decorative feature in the room.

designed by Steven Gambrel

I see so many amazing office spaces and I rarely share them, so I thought I would feature one particularly outstanding office with you each Monday and add that to the "mix".  This week's office is Martha Stewart's ninth floor corner office.  Yes, her desk is that white Saarinen table.  Everything is kept in drawers behind her, even her keyboard.  In typical Martha Stewart fashion, it is neat and orderly.
courtesy of

Happy Monday!

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