Thursday, November 3, 2011

5 Ways To Spice Up Your Kitchen

I spend a good amount of time in the kitchen when I am home.  With cooler temps just around the corner, I will be spending less time outside and even more time in the kitchen.  I like cooking much more when it's not hot outside.  Is anyone else the same way?  I've mentioned before that we have a very small kitchen, so I'm always doing little things to improve its ambiance and compensate for its size.  These aren't major changes, but just small additions and adjustments to make it as enjoyable to be in as possible. 

Check out these 5 ways to spice up your kitchen.  You may already use some of these ideas, but it's always nice to see some inspiring pictures for a fresh approach.

1.) Try a fun rug on your kitchen floor.  It will warm up the room, and it's a perfect opportunity to use a patterned rug that wouldn't necessarily work in your other rooms. 

2.) An unexpected light fixture can transform your kitchen making it chic, elegant, sexy or fun.

Martyn Lawrence Bullard

3.) Although your floors, cabinets and counters may be fairly neutral, have fun and bring in a beautiful accent color or a fun patterned fabric.  Show your windows, chairs or barstools some love!

4.) For those wanting to spend a little more, some sparkle in the kitchen is always amazing!  Whether it's your backsplash, wall tile, the glass in your cabinets, or hardware, you can't go wrong with shiny.

TM Design LTD

Steven Gambrel

5.) Show off your art!  Most of us spend so much time in the kitchen.  Why not put something special, like a piece of art, in there to enjoy? 

Elle Decor

Kristan Cunningham

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